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DTP (Desktop Publishing)

Be a pro in this digital world by creating class contents


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What will be the training syllabus?


24 Topics

  • Introduction to DTP Training Preview Video
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Photoshop Part 2
  • How to work on an existing file
  • Tools in Photoshop
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 2
  • Assignment
  • Assignment 2
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 3
  • Assignment 3
  • Magic Tool Training Preview Video
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 5
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 6
  • Assignment - Use of Brush Tool Training Preview Video
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 7 - Eraser Tool
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 8
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 9 Smudge Tool
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 10
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 11(Text Tool)
  • Tools in Photoshop Part 12
  • Pen Tool and Shape Tool
  • Shape Tool Continuation
  • Unique features of Photoshop
  • Implementation of Tools


20 Topics

  • Introduction
  • Different Tabs in Corel Draw
  • 3 Point Rectangle Tool
  • Polygon Tool and Ellipse Tool
  • Shape in Corel Draw
  • Eraser, Smudge and Roughen Tool
  • Freehand, Polyline, Bezier and Pen Tool Training Preview Video
  • Interactive Connector Tool, Dimension Tool
  • Artistic Media Tool, Shape Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Text Tool Part 2
  • Interactive Tool
  • Additional Tools of Interactive Tool
  • Drop Shadow Tool, Transparent Tool
  • Dropper Eye Tool, Paint Bucket Tool
  • Texture Fill Tool Post Script Fill Dialog
  • Properties of "Arrange"
  • Properties of "Arrange" Part 2
  • Use of Envelope Properly
  • Assignment


9 Topics

  • Introduction
  • Tools in PageMaker Part 1
  • Tools in PageMaker Part 2
  • Tools in PageMaker Part 3
  • Crop Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Tools in PageMaker Part 7
  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2

Leap Office

4 Topics

  • Introduction Training Preview Video
  • Leap Office Details
  • Content Transfer from Leap Office to Page Maker
  • Bengali Typing

Training Highlights

Training Certificate

Tech Booster Certification

How to achieve your certificate?

Clear your final exam online/offline or submit your assigned project after which you will be able to download your certificate.

What projects will you build?

How will your doubts get solved?

You can post your doubts on the Q&A forum which will be answered by the teachers within 24 hours.

Who Will be Your Teacher

Monoj Dutta

More than 6 years of teaching experience in this domain. I love educating myself and others. Keep learning and sharing your knowledge because everyone will remember you for what you are.