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C Programming

Build your programming logic by learning C Language


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What will be the training syllabus?


3 Topics

  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Implementation of Programming Language
  • Steps involved in creating a software

IDE & Software Installation

1 Topics

  • Installation of blocks

Libraries & Header Files

1 Topics

  • Header Files and its importance

Data Types, Variables, Keywords & Constant

2 Topics

  • Keywords and datatypes in C
  • Variables and constants in C

Use of main function, printf and scanf

3 Topics

  • Main function and its use
  • Printf() and scanf() function in C
  • Comment in C language

Operator and it's type

2 Topics

  • operators,types with examples
  • Practice sets

Conditional Statements in C

4 Topics

  • If-else Statement
  • Nested-if Statement
  • switch statement
  • Practice Sets

Loops and it's type

3 Topics

  • For and While Loop
  • Break and Continue Statement
  • Practice Sets

Functions in C

1 Topics

  • Make your own function in C

Arrays in C Programming

3 Topics

  • 2D- Array with example
  • Multi-Dimensionl Array
  • Memory of an Array

String in C Programming

2 Topics

  • String and its importance with example
  • String Libraries

Structure and it's importance

2 Topics

  • Structure with example
  • Structure with Array

Union in C Programming

1 Topics

  • Concept of union with example

Pointer in C Programming

5 Topics

  • Concept of Pointer
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Call by value and call by reference
  • Pointer with Array and String
  • Pointer to function

File Handling

2 Topics

  • Read and Write Integer from a file
  • How to read character from a file

Dynamic Memory Allocation

2 Topics

  • Use of Malloc() function
  • use of calloc(),realloc() and free() function

Random number generation

1 Topics

  • Generate and random number

Project 1

1 Topics

  • Snake,Water and Gun Game

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Clear your final exam online/offline or submit your assigned project after which you will be able to download your certificate.

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How will your doubts get solved?

You can post your doubts on the Q&A forum which will be answered by the teachers within 24 hours.

Who Will be Your Teacher

Monoj Dutta

More than 6 years of teaching experience in this domain. I love educating myself and others. Keep learning and sharing your knowledge because everyone will remember you for what you are.