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Certified online training

Core Python

Master one of the most popular programming languages of the 21st century!


What will be the training syllabus?

Python and IDE Installation

1 Topics

Introduction to Python

2 Topics

  • Implementation of Programming Language
  • Why to Learn Python, First Program and Comment

Variables, Data types & Type Casting

3 Topics

  • variables and data types
  • Type Casting
  • Assignments and Solutions

String Slicing

2 Topics

  • String slicing in Python
  • Assignments and solutions

List and its application

2 Topics

  • List in Python
  • Assignments and Solutions

Tuples and Dictionary

3 Topics

  • Tuples in Python
  • Dictionary in Python
  • Assignments and Solutions

Sets with Assignment

1 Topics

  • Set and its implementation

Operators and its type

1 Topics

  • operators,types with examples

Conditional Statements

2 Topics

  • Conditional statements in Python
  • Assignments and Solutions

Loops with Assignment

1 Topics

  • Loop and its type

Break & Continue Statement

1 Topics

  • Break and Continue

Functions in Python

1 Topics

  • Function and its importance

Object oriented programming

1 Topics

  • OOPs concept with example

Attributes in Python

1 Topics

  • Class and instance attribute

Constructor with Assignment

2 Topics

  • Constructor with example
  • Assignments and solutions

Inheritance in Python

3 Topics

  • Inheritance and its type
  • Single and Multiple Inheritance
  • Multi-Level Inheritance

Modules in Python

2 Topics

  • Python Modules
  • Built in Modules

Exception Handling

1 Topics

  • Exception Handling with example

Reading & accessing a file

1 Topics

  • Reading and Accessing File in Python

Project 1

1 Topics

  • Design a Rock, Paper, Scissor Game

Project 2

0 Topics

Training Highlights

Training Certificate

Tech Booster Certification

How to achieve your certificate?

Clear your final exam online/offline or submit your assigned project after which you will be able to download your certificate.

What projects will you build?

How will your doubts get solved?

You can post your doubts on the Q&A forum which will be answered by the teachers within 24 hours.

Who Will be Your Teacher

Monoj Dutta

More than 6 years of teaching experience in this domain. I love educating myself and others. Keep learning and sharing your knowledge because everyone will remember you for what you are.

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