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MS Office Package

Learn MS Office and master managing your official files and data


What will be the training syllabus?

MS Word

28 Topics

  • Introduction to MS Word Training Preview Video
  • Random Text, Types of Tabs, Quick Access Tool Bar
  • Home Tab (Font Group)
  • Clipboard
  • Paragraph Group
  • Styles and Editing Group
  • Insert Tab (Pages Group)
  • Tables Group (Layouts)
  • Tables Group (Design Tab)
  • Illustration Group (Pictures)
  • Online Pictures, Shapes, Smart Art, Chart, Screenshot
  • Ad-Ins, Media, Links, Comments
  • Header and Footer
  • Text Group and Symbols Group
  • Design Tab (Document Formatting and Page Background
  • Page Setup in Layout Tab
  • Paragraph and Arrange in Layout Tab
  • References Tab (Table of Contents, Footnotes)
  • Citations and Bibliography, Captions, Index, Table of Authorities
  • Mail Merge Group in Mailing Tab
  • "Create" Group in Mailings Tab
  • Review Tab (Proofing, Insights, Language)
  • Review Tab (Comments, Tracking and Changes)
  • Compare and Protect in Review Tab
  • View Tab (Views, Show, Zoom, Window)
  • Macros in View Tab
  • Options in File Tab
  • Print Option in File Tab

MS Excel

14 Topics

  • Introduction to MS Excel Training Preview Video
  • Quick Access Tool Bar
  • Groups in Home Tab (Clipboards, Fonts, Allignment)
  • Numbers and Styles Group with Conditional Formatting
  • Use of Formulas in Excel
  • Logical Functions
  • Types of Error and Use of IFERROR Function
  • Use of Tables and Illustrations Group
  • Use of Charts and Sparklines Group
  • Filters, Links, Text & Symbols Group Training Preview Video
  • Use of Filters
  • Use of Advance Filters
  • Data Validation and its Uses
  • Commercial GST Invoice using EXCEL

MS Powerpoint

8 Topics

  • Basic Concepts of PowerPoint
  • Various Tools and Properties
  • Image Groups & its Tools
  • Illustration, Ad-ins, Links, Comments, Text, Symbols, Media Group
  • Design & Transition Tab
  • Animation in Power Point & its Importance
  • Slide Shows in PowerPoint
  • Project (A Puzzle and a Fun Project)


2 Topics

  • Test Video
  • test video2

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How to achieve your certificate?

Clear your final exam online/offline or submit your assigned project after which you will be able to download your certificate.

What projects will you build?

How will your doubts get solved?

You can post your doubts on the Q&A forum which will be answered by the teachers within 24 hours.

Who Will be Your Teacher

Monoj Dutta

More than 6 years of teaching experience in this domain. I love educating myself and others. Keep learning and sharing your knowledge because everyone will remember you for what you are.

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